Tick Season

Ticks, the issue no one wants to think about, but we all know is there.  It is bad enough to discover one on your own or your kid’s arm, but I panic at the discovery of one under my pup’s thick fur. This is the part of dog parenting I wish there was a handbook […]

Flea Season

Friends, it’s the most paranoid time of the year: let’s ring in Flea Season together, shall we? I shudder even at the mention of “fleas” and am overcome with a sudden need to scratch every part of my body. I envision all the places those uninvited guests could be hiding and how they will soon […]

No More Scraps, Time to Step up the Pet Food Game

A recipe box filled with generations of your family’s best kept culinary creations. Your favorite brunch spot to hit with friends on a Saturday. Walking your local farmer’s market, eyeing the fresh products this season and imagining what to mix and match for that new original dish.  As for our pets, a scoop of brown […]

Start now to prevent separation anxiety with your pets

Experts are saying that Pet Owners should Start Planning Now to Prevent Separation Anxiety Post-Quarantine “Try starting now to get your pet ready and ease them back to your previously ‘normal’ routine,” a pet behavior expert said many dogs, and probably cats, are enjoying the extra time they are getting with their families during the various stay at home orders put in place during […]

Is Grain-Free Dog Food the Right Choice for Your Dog?

Is Grain-Free dog food the right choice for your dog? Healthy eating has become a lifestyle ambition for many people. We see products that are labeled dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, etc. For most dog owners, the health of their pet is equally important. Many would spend more money on dog food if it meant having […]