Flea Season

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Friends, it’s the most paranoid time of the year: let’s ring in Flea Season together, shall we? I shudder even at the mention of “fleas” and am overcome with a sudden need to scratch every part of my body. I envision all the places those uninvited guests could be hiding and how they will soon take over my home and claim it as their own. Down with flea tyranny!

Fellow fighters, it does not have to be this way. 

It is true that this is not a glorified moment as a pet parent, but in pet love truly conquers all.

Believe it or not, there are ways to set ourselves up for success going into this frightful season rather than dread and deal with the effects. We can omit the panicked combing after every summer outing and go to war with the fleas in confidence!

Veterinarians have the inside info to keep the enemy out of your territory.

As the spring nears, tame that jungle you call a yard. Long blades of grass and untamed greenery are perfect hosts for fleas and coincidentally your pet’s favorite spot to run around. I know, I know, you don’t need another person nagging you to get on mowing the lawn, but maybe just maybe this is the push you need for that landscaping kick. 

Switching up the shampoo goes hand and hand with the yardwork, making the chances of a flea attack unlikely. There are pet shampoos especially designed to prevent certain a particular bug invasion. A simple trip to the store could be the barricade between your beloved pet and those nasty parasites. 

If they have already creeped their way into your lives via your pet, fear not! This is the worst-case scenario, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Contact your vet who will most likely get you and your furry friend set up with some treatment to pull the trigger on fleas for the season. This may look like a special shampoo, a spray, or a grooming procedure to rid your friend of pests.  

For those who prefer natural options in their home, linked is a essential oil based spray for both fleas and ticks. 

I will close in saying that not every battle can be won, and you may just discover a flea or two at some point in your pet’s journey, but fear not. With the right preventative measures and attention during the summer months, the war is already won!


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