No More Scraps, Time to Step up the Pet Food Game

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A recipe box filled with generations of your family’s best kept culinary creations. Your favorite brunch spot to hit with friends on a Saturday. Walking your local farmer’s market, eyeing the fresh products this season and imagining what to mix and match for that new original dish. 

As for our pets, a scoop of brown pebbles containing who-knows-what three times a day is all they know to keep themselves sustained.

They come running from their favorite spot (you know the spot) when they hear that scoop hit the bowl, tail wagging, mouth-watering,

For what?

A measly bowl of what can only be described as little rocks of food chemicals.

(And if you search up the contents of your average dog food, you’ll wish you hadn’t, I’ll tell you that)

Shouldn’t we put a little more intentionality into what we feed our furry friends considering the freedom we have to enjoy our own three meals in countless ways?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we toss Rover a Filet Mignon and prepare Foie Gras for Mittens (no matter how much she would enjoy it).

But there is better out there than tasteless, brown pebbles! 

And don’t ignore that little gag you have every time you open their bag of food; they deserve better!

Taking a step up in your pet’s entrees is simple. It may look like:

Mentally preparing yourself, then reading through the ingredients on the bag of food. 

I know the twenty letter words are frightening but believe me it’s even scarier knowing what those ingredients are, what some potential effects can be, and that you did this to poor Spot in the first place!

Exploring healthier, tastier, fresher options. 

No, I don’t mean invite your pets to do the Whole30 with you. There are well-intentioned companies out there researching and designing high-quality foods for your furry friends. Ignoring these options just to save a few bucks because “They won’t know the difference”?! C’mon people, these are ones who love you at your very worst! Do not discount your best source of emotional support.

Swallow your pride, kneel down to look ‘em in the eye, and apologize.

Alright, not seriously (though, the few of you who researched the ingredients may already be begging for forgiveness). Take time to digest this perspective and consider what you are allowing in your pet’s body. We are responsible for their overall health. You can handle raising the bar, especially for them!