Cat Door Built In Interior Pet Door for Small, Medium, & Large Cats - Cat Doors for Interior Doors - Hole Pass Fits Indoor Hollow Core or Solid Inside Doors - Hidden Kitty Litter Box Cat Furniture

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  • EXCLUSIVE CAT SILHOUETTE SHAPE: Let your whimsical side show while giving your kitty her freedom with this adorable cat-shaped interior pet door. Perfect for laundry rooms, bedrooms, basements, etc.
  • ENJOY AN ODOR-FREE HOME: Close the door on that nasty-smelling litter without locking the cat in or out. Instead, she’ll have her own access to food & bathroom, and your home will smell fresh.
  • MADE TO LAST: Unlike some other pet doors for cats, your Purrfect Portal cat door doesn’t rely on tape or glue for installation. The included self-drilling screws keep your pet door in place for years to come.
  • FITS HOLLOW-CORE & SOLID DOORS: With its clever design, your pet portal creates a safe, finished opening in any interior door from 1.25″ to 1.75″ thick. Kitties (& kids) won’t get paws and fingers stuck.
  • FOOLPROOF INSTALLATION: Use the template to mark your door, and with just a jigsaw and a screwdriver, you can quickly give kitty access to her litter box or food – while keeping kids and dogs out.

Product Description

Lets Cats Come & Go. Keeps Dogs & Children Out. Cats will be cats. Those curious feline furballs love to roam all over the house. They especially love to stroll in and out of the room that contains their cat food and kitty litter.

But there’s just one problem. Dogs and small children are also attracted to Kitty’s food bowl and litter box. The result can be messy, yucky, unsafe… in short, a cat-astrophe.

Check out Purrfect Portal, ideal for medium- to larger cats. This unique, patent-pending pet pass gives your cat easy back-&-forth access to his/her food & “bathroom” (even when the door is shut). At the same time, it keeps your hungry pooch from gulping down all the cat food… and stops babies and toddlers from playing with poopy kitty litter. Plus, it helps keep all those cat-litter smells from stinking up the rest of your home.

interior cat door

Bigger Opening Easily Fits Cats up to 20 Pounds

From tiny kittens to hefty tabbies… this spacious interior cat door accommodates them all.

interior cat door

interior cat door

interior cat door

Simpler to Install.

Forget those complicated cat holes that require messy glue, pins, and tape. Your Purrfect Portal kitty door installs easily in only 15 to 20 minutes. Simply screw in both sides, top with screw caps, and you’re set. All hardware is included.

More Secure than Most.

Because it fastens with screws – not flimsy adhesive – this sturdy pet door for cats will never tear away from your interior door. Comes in thick, rugged molded plastic for lasting durability.

Fits Both Solid and Hollow Doors.

Purrfect Portal is specially designed for all standard interior doors (1.25″-1.75″ thick). Safely fits hollow-core doors: Its sleek plastic arch keeps your cat’s tender paws from getting stuck inside the door’s hollow opening.

interior cat door

No-Flap Design Won’t Frustrate Your Cat (Or You)

Cats have a hard time figuring out flaps… and it’s a royal pain to try to teach them. Fortunately, your Purrfect Portal Cat Interior Door has no annoying flap to deter your roaming kitty. No irritating “flap noise,” either. You’ll appreciate the welcome silence.

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Custom Template & Easy Instructions

Many cat portals give you only vague, difficult-to-follow directions. Some even fail to provide a template for cutting the hole in your interior door. But your Purrfect Portal kit offers everything you’ll need for fast, failsafe installation – including a precision template and step-by-step instructions.