Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap and Latch - Grey. Dog Proof Litter Box The Easy Way. No Need for Pet Gates or Interior Cat Door. Use This to Keep Dog Out of Litter Box and Cat Feeder.

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  • DOOR BUDDY 🚪 The simple cat door latch will keep your dog (if slightly larger than cat) out of the room with cat food or keep dog out of litter box while still allowing your cat to have easy access without having to use bulky door gates for pets or carving a hole for an indoor cat door. Dog proof cat feeding station or keep dogs out of cat box with this easy-to-use pet door strap.
  • SIMPLER ALTERNATIVE 😻 Door Buddy may be simple, but it works! Why struggle with a pet gate with cat door or dog gates for doorways that are bulky and cumbersome to use? Why cut a permanent hole in your door to install an interior kitty door? Why force your cat to jump into and use a top entry litter box that may make her feel trapped? Try Door Buddy first and see for yourself why our customers love it so much and call it “so much better and less hassle than a baby gate”!
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS AND IS EASY TO USE✔️ Just peel and stick to the door and door frame using the strong 3M adhesive. The simple lock and unlock latch allows you to use it from either side of the door giving you quick and convenient access to the room in your house.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE 🙌 Use the adjuster on the strap to make the width of the door opening wider or narrower to work with the exact sizes of your cat and dog. You can even alter the position where you stick the plastic pieces to make it further customizable. Or, install on the back of the door to make it stronger, especially for larger and more persistent dogs. Compatible with all types of doors from Bi-fold doors to pocket doors and even double doors!
  • HOW DOES IT WORK ❓ Door Buddy is a door strap for pets that allows an interior door to open just wide enough so cats can easily enter or exit, but at the same time keep it narrow enough so dogs (if slightly larger than cat) cannot get in so you can dog proof cat litter box or dog proof cat feeder. Sometimes keeping the peace in a household with both cats and dogs can be frustrating. Door Buddy provides an easier and less cumbersome way to give cats a space of their own.

Product Description

Door Buddy – The Adjustable Pet Door Strap

dog proof litter box door strap by door buddy


A life without your furbabies is a life without happiness! Our furry friends complete our homes and bring us endless joy, without them, what would we do?

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with their own frustrations too!

Especially when your…

  • dog eats cat poop out of the litter box
  • puppy gobbles up all the cat food
  • dog is driving your cat up the wall
  • cat cries to be let out of the bedroom, or
  • slams the door wide open waking you up

Sounds like you? Then it’s time for a Door Buddy!

Door Buddy is an Adjustable Door Strap that will keep the door open wide enough to allow cats to easily enter and exit the room as they want while dogs (if slightly larger than the cat) cannot fit through and are, therefore, kept out!

hold door open for cat keep door ajar

A better way to dog proof the litter box and cat food is finally here!

Forget the hassle of pet gates and permanent cat door installations.

Door Buddy is simple, safe, and works like a charm!

Keep your dogs out and give your cats a space of their own in a matter of seconds.

Door Buddy is Made in the USA

keep dog out of cat litter box

Where should I use Door Buddy?

Any interior room with a door!

The most popular places to use our door strap include the laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, closet, cat’s favorite hangout room, or any room that you want to isolate from access by dogs, babies, toddlers, and in some cases, even cats.

Will it work for my door?

Yes! Door Buddy works perfectly on left and right swinging doors, doors that push or pull open, pocket doors, double doors, and bi-fold doors.

Install on the back of the door for greater strength and resistance to pressure.

For more information on our installation process, it’s best to visit our INSTALLATION GUIDE where you will find our tips and tricks to ensure that your Door Buddy is fully optimized for your home.

dog proof cat litter box

Will it be strong enough for my dog?

For most dogs, ABSOLUTELY! Our customers have dogs ranging anywhere from 12 to 120 pounds and they love it. A lot of them are pleasantly surprised at how strong the adhesives are and how well it holds up to any added pressure.

However, please note that if your dog is a lot smaller than your cat or if you have a super aggressive dog, it may not work. If you’re in doubt, make sure to check out our reviews for some experiences from real customers.

Who is Door Buddy best for?

It is perfect for pet owners that just don’t want to deal with the hassle of an expensive pet gate and those who are not ready to cut a permanent hole in their door to install a cat door for interior doors!

interior cat door alternative to stop dog eating cat poop

Don’t waste your money on clumsy baby gates or inconvenient cat doors.

It is time to put a stop to your dog eating kitty tootsie rolls and start giving your cat their own personal space (and give you some peace of mind).

Door Buddy has worked perfectly for 2500+ people that say it’s worth every penny! Just read the reviews!

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t struggle anymore.

Choose the easier way to give your cat the freedom to poop in peace, have a safe space to eat, or come and go as they please. Your cat can finally have a place where they can relax without being harassed by your dog.

Once you give it a shot, you’ll never want to be without Door Buddy again!