Heavy Duty Dog Leash Especially for Large Dogs Up to 150lbs, 6 Ft Reflective Dog Walking Training Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash with Car Seat Belt Buckle

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  • ✅【Sturdiness- durable 4ft-6ft bungee leash】 wear resistant nylon Dog leash provides sturdy and durable enough to withstand the pulling force of Large pooches up to 150 lb, offers dog owners with a sample training or walking leash that is super comfy on the hand
  • ✅【Shock absorbing dog leash】 if your dog is a strong puller, you definitely need a indestructible anti-shock leash, 4 ft. To 6 ft. Bungee leash reduces the effects of pulling and makes dog walking a pleasurable walk in the park!
  • ✅【COMFORT& CONTROL – 2 Soft Padded Handles】2 soft traffic handles for amazing control. One located 18 inches from the carabiner, great for when you need to keep your dog closer to you in traffic or walking through the crowds. The second padded handle at the end for comfort against the wrist, giving your dog the freedom to roam and explore its surroundings
  • ✅【SAFETY& Multi-Functional Safety pull leash features reflective stitching on both sides to improves its visibility making it a lot safer to use in the dark or in low light situations. D-ring near handle to clip poop bags or other walking accessories. Offer car seat buckle keep your pet safely in vehicle while driving. Age range description: up to 5 years old special features: Durable-chewy resistant; 2 Traffic Padded Handles; Reflective-safety at night
  • ✅【Longtime- even if chewed by your dog we want to make sure that this is the best dog leash that you have ever purchased and we stand behind all of our products. Our covers any defects in materials or manufacturing and even covers accidental chewing by your dog

Product Description

Extra Heavy Duty Dog Leash Especially for Large Dogs up to 150lbs

double handle dog leash


  • A leash can help you not only walk him or her, but also train. It’s also important safety tool for your pooch and for others around you
  • You may often see people hiking, running or going on a trip with their pets. In these cases, the dog leash is a must to prevent them from running too far away.
  • Without a doubt, it is one of the most important items in any dog owner’s inventory
  • Our dog leashes are the ideal choice for large, medium and even some small breeds, ensuring you have a perfect experience
dog walking leash

Our leash is specially designed for the pet owner

  • For puppies – can be useful for some extra control over puppies and untrained dogs
  • For extra control – particularly for skittish dogs or bigger dogs that pull
  • For extra safety – around people, animals and moving objectsFor traffic training – near roads and traffic lights
  • For safety training – general safety for your dog and other people and animals
Extra Thickness and Sturdiness Nylon Leash
  • A very popular material, nylon provides durability at a cost that is friendlier than leather. with an extended life against wear and tear, weather-proof

About our dog leash

  • Zero Shock Technology
  • 2 Soft Padded Handles Design
  • Better Safety at Nighttime
  • Chewy Resistant Leash
  • Build in Dog Car Seat Belt
car seat belt

Multifunctional Dog Leash with Car Seat Belt Buckle

Our dog leash offers a car safety buckle that allows you to easil fasten your dog without needing a separate device.

Keeping you and your furry friend safe not only when walking but also during short and longercartrips

dual handle dog leash

Our dog leash has two fully-padded neoprene handles

  • <1>The lower traffic handle is positioned about a foot away from its 2-inch heavy duty carabiner, specifically designed to allow a better and quick control of your dog when passing the roads, walking through the crowds, or doing the training. For the casual walking or jogging, the upper handle will do the trick
  • <2>Use top comfy padded handle is positioned right at the end of the 4 foot dog leash rope,the length of which is ideal for giving your pooch the freedom to roam and explore its surroundings, but with you retaining full control
dual handle dog leash
shock leash
safety at night
matal clasp