IAMS Perfect Portions, Cuts in Gravy and Pate, Grain Free Adult Wet Cat Food (48 Servings)

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Indoor Turkey
(24) 2.6 oz.
  • Contains Twenty Four (24) 2.6 Oz. Twin Pack Trays (48 Servings Total) Of Iams Perfect Portions Grain Free Indoor Wet Cat Food Paté Turkey Recipe
  • Iams Wet Cat Food Patés Feature Two Individual Meals With A Wholesome, Grain Free Recipe To Keep Your Cat Satisfied Without Artificial Preservatives
  • Complete And Balanced For Adult Cat Maintenance And Wellness, Formulated For Your Indoor Cat Across All Life Stages
  • Supports A Healthy Immune System With Vitamin E For A Lifetime Of Health And Fun
  • Aids In Healthy Digestion With Added Dietary Fiber And Prebiotic

From the manufacturer

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Delicious, Balanced Meals That Cats Love

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Rich in antioxidants like vitamin E.

Each meal contains vitamins and minerals without sacrificing taste in order to support your cat’s overall health.

Whether your little furball is a kitten or an adult, IAMS has the perfect balanced meal… in wet and dry food.

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Convenient, Easy-Peel Trays

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Delicious-tasting meals with ingredients your cat will love.

Quick, easy-to-open trays make mealtime simple: Just pull the lid and serve… no can openers needed.

IAMS Wet Cat Food trays are convenient in size, saving you (and your refrigerator) from messy, stinky leftovers.