NUSENTIA Enzymes for Dogs & Cats - Enzyme Miracle - Systemic & Digestive Enzyme Formula - Powder - 364 Servings - Vegetarian

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  • ★ 11 types of plant-based systemic and digestive enzymes. Formulated for dogs and cats of all ages and stages, even puppy, kitten, and senior pets. A perfect compliment to probiotics supplement, omega-3, glucosamine, chondroitin, and msm supplements. Tastes great and easy to use, your pet won’t even know the tiny amount of powder is mixed in their food.
  • ★ 1 economical scoop supports complete nutrient absorption for great health — Helps avoid digestive stress, indigestion, toxin build-up, yeast issues, and developing pancreatic issues. Your dog (or cat) will feel great again when you bring their diet closer to raw with this natural, concentrated enzyme blend. Contains premium Bromelain, a powerful anti-inflammatory, metabolic enzyme, and proteolytic enzyme for streamlined health and digestion.
  • ★ 100% Natural – 100% Safe – Unflavored Powder – Easy Dosing – No Byproducts – No Wheat – No Dairy – No Eggs – No Soy – No Flavorings – No Animal Ingredients. Perfect for dogs and cats eating a processed or cooked diet. Renders cooked diets closer to raw with a super-premium blend of enzymes that break down fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, even yeast and fungus! Your pet will feel great and experience reduced shedding, improved allergies, vibrant skin and coat, and natural energy.
  • ★ 100% Quality Tested – Made in USA at GMP certified facility. Veterinarian Recommended.
  • ★ Recommended for dogs and cats of all stages and ages. A perfect supplement to natural and specialty dog foods and cat foods (ie: Blue Buffalo). Premium quality. Third-party tested. Incredible value, delivers hundreds of servings.

Product Description

Enzyme Miracle : Digestive & Systemic Enzyme Powder for Pets

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Made specifically for the digestive and dietary needs of dogs and cats.


  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Quality inspected
  • Easy to use
  • Biologically appropriate


Supplying young animals with a “pinch” of enzymes early on is an excellent way to support healthy digestion.

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Scoop included.

Mix in 1 scoop for every cup of food you feed your pet.

Plant-sourced enzymes require no soaking or waiting for activation.

  • For Sensitive Animals: Start off with a fraction of a serving and gradually increase.

How Do Enzymes Work?

Enzymes: The Missing “Vitamin”

Regardless of how well you feed your dog or cat, it’s likely they suffer from an enzyme deficient diet. Over time, this can weaken the pancreas and digestive system and create a host of health problems for your pet.

You may be already observing some of these signs of digestive stress, such as excessive shedding, stool irregularity, skin issues, food intolerances, and toxin overgrowth.

  • Enzymes streamline digestion, reducing the digestive burden on the pancreas, and enhance the bio-availability of nutrients in your pet’s food.
  • Enzymes work on the food in your pet’s stomach.
  • Additional enzymes support metabolic processes in the body.
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Enzyme Miracle has been a veterinarian recommended product for over 10 years. We proudly manufacture in the USA at an FDA approved facility. Our ingredients are all natural and never cause harm.

  • No gluten
  • No rice
  • No fillers
  • No byproducts
  • No animal ingredients
  • No chemicals


Enzyme Miracle: Protease 4.5 2100 HUT, Amylase 3500 DU, Diastase 1500 DP°, Lipase 500 FIP, Protease 3.0 50 SAPU, Protease 6.0 4000 HUT, Cellulase 200 CU, Bromelain 120000 FCCPU, Beta-Glucanase 10 BGU, Peptidase 500 HUT, Hemicellulase 200 HCU, Calcium 24 mg, Magnesium 9.7 mg, Copper (Copper Glycinate Chelate) < 1 mg, Manganese (as Manganese Chelazome) <1 mg. Other: Beet root fiber.