Probiotics for Dogs, Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotics, Pumpkin - 120 Grams 5 Billion CFU - Dog Probiotic Powder Supplement for Pet Allergy Relief, Constipation Immune Support Diarrhea Upset Stomach, USA

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  • DOG PROBIOTICS POWDER – 120 grams, 120 scoops per jar, 5 strains of dog probiotic for dogs, 5 billion CFUs per scoop, Inulin prebiotic. For dog allergies, constipation relief, gas, bad dog breath, hot spot treatment, itchy skin relief, healthy coat, shedding, itching. Safe for small, medium, large, giant breeds, puppy, adult & senior dogs. NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED
  • DOG DIGESTIVE ENZYME BLEND + PUMPKIN – Healthy dog digestion aid for canine digestive & gastrointestinal health. Just mix with dog food in the AM & PM for sensitive stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, loose stool, constipated dogs, bloating, flatulence, anal gland scooting
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT & DOG ALLERGY RELIEF – Our Dog Prebiotics Probiotics Powder restores healthy gut flora balance. Best dog acidophilus probiotic to prevent UTI urinary tract infection & dog yeast infection treatment prevention
  • ANTI COPROPHAGIA PREVENTION – Our canine probiotics powder works as a coprophagia treatment for dogs or anti poop eating deterrent to stop dogs from eating their poop
  • 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A. – Strawfield Pets dog vitamins, prebiotic for dogs & the best probiotic supplement for dogs are made in a NASC Inspected Lab so you can trust our quality

Product Description

probiotic powder

Strawfield Pets Pre+Probiotic Powder

Powerful Digestive Aid for your Dog

Strawfield Pets Pre & Probiotic Powder for Dogs is a probiotic supplement for dogs to help with digestion, immune system function and overall health. Our product contains over 8 ounces of powder per jar, which equals 120 scoops of pre & probiotics that are carefully crafted for small, medium, large & adult and senior dogs. Our beef & vegetable flavored powder has a unique 5 strain bacterial formula which has over 5 billion CFU’s per scoop. We also include a propriety enzyme blend with pumpkin to aid in overall digestion.

Made in the USA

Our supplements for dogs are formulated with premium ingredients in our NASC Inspected Laboratory following strict cGMP guidelines so you can trust our handcrafted quality.

Extensive Benefits for your Canine

  • For dog allergies, constipation relief, gas, bad breath, hot spot treatment, itchy skin relief.
  • Pumpkin aids in Digestion
  • 5 billion CFU’s per scoop
  • Safe for small, medium, large, giant breeds, puppy, adult, senior dogs.
  • No refrigeration needed

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immune support

Helps Nutrient Absorption

Our proprietary blend of enzymes help dogs feel nourished and energized after each meal.

Reduce Stomach Discomfort

Our nutritious powder may help reduce gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea to keep stomach discomfort at bay.

Digestive System Support

Our Pre+Probiotic powder features Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes to support your dog’s digestive system function at it’s best.

Bolsters Immune Function

Immune health starts in the gut, which is why we use 5 Billion CFU’s per scoop to our powder, which makes gut health a breeze.

made in the usa

filler free


Made in America

As a veteran & family owned company, we take pride in the fact that all of our products are made right here in the USA.

All Strawfield Pets products are made in a NASC Inspected Laboratory so you can trust the premium quality of our Pre + Probiotic Powder for Dogs.

100% Grain Free

Our Pre+Probiotic for Dogs contains NO gluten, grain, dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, salt or artificial additives.

Because we don’t use fillers in our products, you can be confident you’re giving your pet exactly what they need.

Count on Quality

At Strawfield Pets, we take pride in the quality of our products. All of our products are made in the USA using federally inspected facilities and up-to-date technology.

We use the highest quality ingredients to help create a vibrant, healthy life for your pet.