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  • PROBIOTIC FOR DOGS. Ready Pet Go dog digestive enzymes are loaded with 5 million CFU of probiotics per chew, plus prebiotics for digestive support that helps eliminate gas, bloating, constipation, and upset stomach.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. Our probiotic dog supplement supports gut health with natural flora, boosts nutrient absorption from food, and supports the gastrointestinal tract promoting healthy function of this primary immune organ.
  • 500 MILLION CFU FOR ULTIMATE SUPPORT. These healthy dog treats feature 500 million CFU Bacillus Coagulans, prebiotics, and pumpkin for ultimate digestive comfort and immune support.
  • ALL AGES AND BREEDS. Our pet probiotics for dogs are ideal for all ages, breeds, and sizes, give your best friend the daily digestive and immune support they need for an active, healthy life.*
  • QUALITY CONTROL. Ready Pet Go probiotics for dogs are the cheese flavored tummy support your dog will love, all our products are formulated at a GMP facility, and lab tested by a third-party to ensure quality.

Product description

Ready Pet Go Probiotic Tummy Treats are the delicious, cheese flavor gut support your dog will love! Your dog can’t tell you when their tummy hurts but you can ensure they enjoy digestive comfort and immune health by giving them a daily dose of our premium probiotics for dogs!

Ready Pet Go dog vitamins and supplements are formulated with quality ingredients that boost your pet’s health. We’re committed to keeping your pet strong and healthy for life! That’s why we only use the very best ingredients with no artificial preservatives. All our supplements are formulated in the USA in a GMP approved facility, and all our products are tested by a third party lab to ensure quality. With Ready Pet Go, you’re giving your best friend a leg up!

Ready Pet Go Probiotic Tummy Treats Highlights

  • Features 5 million CFU, and Fructooligosaccharides
  • Pumpkin Seed supports healthy bowel movements
  • Helps your best friend maintain digestive comfort
  • Supports healthy gut and immune system
  • Delicious cheese flavor

PROBIOTIC TUMMY TREATS are delicious chewables with essential probiotics, vitamins, and minerals that your furry friend needs for daily digestive support.*

SUPPORTS DIGESTION Contains 500 million CFU that promote a healthy digestive tract and ultimate digestive comfort. Fortified with pumpkin to support digestive ease and regularity.*

INCREASES NUTRIENT ABSORPTION Supports digestive enzymes and gut health with natural flora, preventing a sluggish digestive tract, and boosting nutrient absorption from food.*

BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM Healthy natural flora supports the gastrointestinal tract, and promotes healthy function of this primary immune organ.*

NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES Tested through a third-party testing facility to ensure that this product is produced at exceeded quality standards with a Good Manufacturing Practice certification.