Purina Tidy Cats with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clear Springs Clumping Cat Litter (38 Pound Box)

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38 lb. Box
NEW! Tidy Max Glade Clear Springs
  • One (1) 38 pound Box – Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter, Tidy Max Glade Tough Odor Clear Springs Multi Cat Litter
  • Tidy Max ammonia blocker blocks ammonia odor for up to 2 weeks
  • Tidy Max moisture-activated Power Pieces absorb odor and liquids
  • Two trusted brands, one powerful litter
  • Forms strong, tight clumps for easy cleanup

From the manufacturer

Purina Tidy Cats Tidy Max Stops Ammonia Odor Plus Power Pieces
Tidy Cats Tidy Max LightWeight with Glade

Purina Tidy Cats with Glade Clumping Cat Litter

See what happens when two trusted brands join forces in one powerful litter. The odor control of Tidy Cats meets the pleasing fragrance of Glade, delivering a one-two punch to unpleasant smells, even in multi-cat households. Tidy Max neutralizes urine, fecal and ammonia odors on contact, leaving behind only the light, welcoming fragrance of Glade. To combat lingering odors, Ammonia Blocker prevents the formation of ammonia odors for up to two weeks* when used as directed, to help ensure a freshness that you can count on. This power couple of litter helps with clean-up, too. Strong clumping action makes scooping easy, and absorptive Power Pieces lock in moisture for dependable dryness. Our Glade-scented formula is also low dust, minimizing nasty dust clouds when your cat visits the box. With two defenders of freshness on your side, you get the upper hand you need to banish bad odors.

Ammonia Blocker. Illustration.

Absorptive Power Pieces. Illustration.

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Controls Ammonia Odors

Tidy Max Ammonia Blocker acts immediately to prevent the formation of ammonia smells. The advanced deodorizer stops ammonia odors from forming for up to two weeks when used as directed, keeping the litter box fresh-smelling throughout each litter cycle, from start to finish.

Absorptive Power Pieces

Tidy Max Moisture Activated Power Pieces provide outstanding moisture control to the litter box. This Tidy Max litter with absorptive Power Pieces which are activated on contact with wetness, locks in messes to maintain a dry environment for your cat.

Strong Clumping Without the Dust

Our formula is low dust, so you can fill the litter box without leaving a mess. Routine cleaning is easier, too. This absorbent litter forms tight clumps for easy scooping maintenance.

Pleasing Glade Fragrance

The welcoming scent of Glade leaves behind a light, fresh fragrance and Tidy Max safeguards against litter box odors. The pleasant scent makes cat areas feel more inviting and helps keep your home smelling crisp for your family and your guests.

Ingredients: Natural Clay And Mineral Product With Deodorizing System

Product description

Size:38 lb. Box  |  Style:NEW! Tidy Max Glade Clear Springs

Get the upper hand on unpleasant odors in your multiple-cat home with Purina Tidy Cats Tidy Max With Glade Clear Springs clumping litter. This powerful litter stands up to regular use by all of your feline family members, and it includes Tidy Max moisture-activated Power Pieces for moisture-locking technology that keeps them dry, comfortable and willing to use their boxes each day. TidyLock technology neutralizes ammonia, urine and fecal odors, helping you maintain a clean-smelling home. With a pleasant Glade Clear Springs scent, this clumping cat litter defends against strong odors, leaving a fresh fragrance behind. This litter solution forms strong, tight clumps for easy scooping, and the 99.9% dust-free formula enables a clean pour. Simplify kitty litter box cleaning with this Max Odor and Moisture Control litter, and get back to spending more quality time with your beloved cat companions.