Purrfect Portal Cat Door for Interior Doors with Grooming Brush - Large Pet Cat Pass for Adult Cats up to 20 Lbs - Easy to Install Pet Door w/Brush Plus Detailed Instructions

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  • NO MORE TIGHT SQUEEZES: Your Purrfect Portal cat door with brush has a larger opening than most – 6″ x 7.2″ (with brush); 7.5″ x 10.3″ (without) – so it fits even the plumpest kitty (up to 20 lbs.).
  • MORE SECURE THAN MOST: Why settle for inferior pet doors for cats that attach with flimsy adhesive tape? Our patent-pending portal fastens with 4 sturdy screws, so it will never rip away from the door
  • BRUSH WILL NOT POP OUT: Other kitty doors have shakier brushes that pop out at the flick of a whisker. But Purrfect Portal’s brush slides into a patent-pending track that keeps it snugly in place.
  • FITS ALL STANDARD INTERIOR DOORS: Most cat holes aren’t designed for hollow-core doors. (May even pinch paws.) But Purrfect Portal safely fits any solid or hollow interior door, 1.25″-1.75″ thick.
  • SLEEK, STURDY & DOWNRIGHT CUTE: Your cat interior door has a charming design formed of molded plastic for ultra durability. There’s no noisy flap to terrorize your baby. S/he will prance right through.

Product Description

Unique Patent-Pending Cat Pass. Want to keep cat food and kitty litter out of sight and smell, while letting your cat roam freely from room to room? Check out this Purrfect Portal cat door with brush. Thanks to its roomier opening – 6″ x 7.2″ (with brush); 7.5″ x 10.3″ (without) – it comfortably fits cats of all ages & sizes (up to 20 lbs.).

Plus, it boasts special exclusive features… like a grooming brush that won’t pop out and a simple screw-in design for fuss-free installation. Versatile off-white color. (Can be repainted to match your decor.)

interior cat door

Ideal for Homes with Dogs and/or Babies

Lets your cat in. Keeps your dog out. Prevents babies and pooches alike from getting into cat food and kitty litter.

interior cat door

interior cat door


Larger Opening Allows Easier Entry.

From slim Siamese to 20-pound Toms… your Purrfect Portal cat door accommodates them all. Even when the brush is attached, your medium- to large-size kitty will have full, free, easy access.

Grooming Brush Never Pops Out.

It slides securely into place along a patent-pending track, so it won’t come loose and dislodge when your cat brushes up against it.

Quick and Easy Installation.

No flimsy tape. No messy glue. Simply screw in Side A, screw in Side B, insert screw caps, and you’re all set. (Screws and caps are included.)

interior cat door

Safely Fits Any Standard Door – Solid or Hollow-Core

Most cat grooming portals are not designed for today’s hollow-core doors. When you remove the brush strip, there’s an empty center opening, where your cat’s paws can get stuck and scratched up.

But Purrfect Portal is specially made to safely fit all standard interior doors (1.25″ to 1.75″ thick), both solid and hollow-core. Even when you remove the brush, the sleek molded-plastic arch will protect your cat’s paws from harm.

interior cat door

Includes Step-by-Step Instructions

Some pet doors come with vague, confusing directions and incorrect (wrong size) templates. But your Purrfect Portal cat pass provides an accurate template, along with easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through the entire process. All told, from start to finish, installation should take less than 20 minutes.