Ruff 'n Ruffus Foldable Cat Tower Tree + Free Bonus Handheld Chase Toy + 6 Cat Toys | Plush Folding House with Hammock | Condo | Scratching Pad | & Play Balls | for Kittens | Medium & Large Cats

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Cat Tower (with FREE Bonus)
  • 🐾 DESIGNED FOR KITTY BLISS 🐾 Give your feline friend multiple reasons to purr in delight. Our foldable cat tower features a plush cat hammock, cozy condo with a removable cushion, dangling play balls, and a durable cat scratcher pad that spares your furniture from sharp claws.
  • 🐾 BONUS ACCESSORIES WORTH $10 🐾 Get more cat toys without having to pay extra. Every comfy cat tree comes with a 6-piece cat toy set worth $5 and a keychain cat laser pointer worth $5. This means you get to save $10 and get to keep your kitty entertained for longer
  • 🐾 UNIQUE FOLDABLE DESIGN 🐾 Looking for an apartment-friendly cat house? An interactive cat tower that gets the job done without taking up too much space? That’s what this Ruff n’ Ruffus cat tree is all about. Fold it up to get it out of the way in an instant.
  • 🐾 FOR ALL CATS 🐾 Whether you’re dealing with a little kitten, large cat, or a chubby cutie, this cat tower suits them perfectly. It measures 20.25” (L) x 13.75” (W) x 25.5” (H), has a 16” x 10” cat scratch pad, and a 7” diameter condo opening. A stable base keeps swaying at bay.
  • 🐾 DESIGNED TO LAST 🐾 Unlike other cat trees that fall apart in no time, we’ve designed ours using durable plush fabric, strong stitching, and a high-quality sisal scratchpad to withstand rambunctious play. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and enjoy a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee!

Product description

Color:Cat Tower (with FREE Bonus)


Delightful Goodness

Give your meowing munchkin a comfy pad where they can lounge, play, explore, sleep, and unleash all their kitty instincts! This cat
tree has it all: a comfy hammock up top, a soft-sided cozy condo down below, dangling balls for hours of play, and a durable
scratchpad to keep your kitty happy and your furniture scratch-free. In the spirit of giving you the best bang for your buck, we’ve
thrown in a 6-piece cat toy set and a keychain laser pointer for active play you can be a part of. The combined value of your freebies.
A solid $10 and happy purrs!

Save on Space

You don’t need a bulky, towering cat tree to keep your feline friend feeling fantastic. With a unique foldable design, this cat tree is the
perfect complement to apartments, small living rooms, and anyone with a minimalist approach to home décor. Have company and
want to get the cat tree out of the way? Just fold it up in seconds! Each cat tower is thoughtfully sized at 20.25” (L) x 13.75” (W) x 25.5” (H).
This makes it ideal for kittens, large cats, and everything in between.

Here are more reasons to love this cat tree:

✔ Made using durable materials for impressive durability.

✔ The base keeps it sturdy whenever cats jump on the hammock.

✔ The condo has a removable cushion that is machine washable.

✔ The beautiful, neutral touch of color works with any décor.

✔ No assembly at all is required: just unfold and let the delight begin.

✔ Backed by a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.

Go ahead, keep your kitty happily satisfied without eating up valuable floor space!