The Shedinator Roller & The Mighty Deshedding Glove Set, Dog Hair Remover, Cat Hair Remover, Pet Hair Remover, Pet Grooming Glove, Pet Hair Roller, Blue/Red, Remove Hair From Furniture, Clothes & More

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  • Instant Cleaning: Remove the shed hair from your dog, cat or other pets quickly in one strike from couches, beds, sofas, rugs & more. No more worrying about the hair everywhere with no time to clean it. The Shedinator is here, the most powerful pet hair removal tool will make it as simple as it gets. Roll all the hair take the hair out & restart. No batteries, no tapes simply all in 1 tool.
  • Durable, Sturdy & Reusable: Our Shedinator is made from the highest quality materials, tested multiple times to make sure our results are 100% accurate. The strong body, the wide compartment, the hard handle & the 2 way brush system all leads to a perfect hair removal. With unlimited usage times the equation is so easy you pay once but you get endless continuity & efficiency.
  • Instant Grooming: Remember when you had to plan a grooming day for your pet ? The Mighty Glove solves that while sitting on your couch. The best grooming glove is here to help you give your pet the best rubbing, massage & hair removal possible. With soft rubber Pins the functionality of that glove is at its maximum covering the biggest portion of skin while releasing all the needed oils to enhance their fur & prevent any hair clots. Put the glove on, rub your pet & enjoy its smile.
  • Multi-Function Deshedding Glove: This is the 2020 upgraded version. The Mighty Glove comes with 255 soft rubber tip & adjustable wrist strap to fit all. The glove is lightweight & breathable which makes the hair removing so gentle. Machine washable on delicate. Safe for dogs, cats & other pets. Does your pet deserve happiness ? The Mighty Glove is the way to go.
  • Combo Pet Kit 2 in 1: Quality doesn’t mean you have to overpay. Our saving combo set combines 2 of the best-selling pet tools for a great affordable price. You can pay around $50 to get each tool separately or pay once to get 1 Shedinator & 1 Mighty Glove together & also choose your favorite color Red or Blue. Buy your combo kit & you won’t regret, make your pet happy today.

Product description


Everyone Thinks They Have The Best Pet & None Of Them Are Wrong. (W.R. Purche)

When we created this combo pet kit all we had in mind was to make both the pet & the owner happy without overpaying + getting the highest quality possible. To do so we are introducing THE SHEDINATOR & THE MIGHTY GLOVEkit, 2 tools that completes each other perfectly.


  • Simply the best pet hair remover with 1 move forward & backward you track & pick up dog hair, cat hair or any hair stuck deeply in sofas, couches, beds, blankets, furniture & more.
  • THE SHEDINATOR works without batteries, refill tapes or sticky rolls.
  • The Usage is that easy (use it/clean it/use it again). Don’t Waste your money on all these pet hair lint removal products they don’t work & used once.
  • With the world best hair remover, no worries about your pet shedding or time needed to clean the house. THE SHEDINATOR is the savior. It’s also a great gift for all pet owners, who doesn’t love less cleaning.THE MIGHTY GLOVE:
  • Or pets happiness wizard is the easiest way to keep your pet brushed regularly which is so important for their & your overall health.
  • This flexible slip on grooming glove will brush away any extra hair, dirt or scabies from your dog or cat hair in minutes.
  • This powerful glove will stimulate all the healthy skin oils on their skin which will improve the softness & radiance of their fur.
  • With the world best grooming glove, no worries about brushing your pet or stuff stuck in their hair. THE MIGHTY GLOVE is the savior. It’s also a great gift for all pet owners, who doesn’t want a happy pet.Simply we created a combo kit that includes the world best-selling hair remover & grooming glove to keep your place clean + make your pet happy 24/7. Quality is our main target so we created a top notch product for the best price out there. Enjoy our great kit & let us know your opinion?